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Upcoming events

    • 07/22/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Volunteer recruitment and retention are often an ever-present part of a volunteer engagement professional’s world and can lead to a sense of competition rather than community between various organizations.  Let’s discuss how to create volunteer mutualism and what that might look like in the ‘real world.’

    BIO: Karen Goates, CVA, is the Volunteer Program Supervisor at Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She has tried to create a volunteer philosophy and culture that allows staff to enjoy the benefits of volunteers and feel educated in their role as volunteer coordinators.  She enjoys hiking, mountain biking and of course, reading!

    • 08/13/2024
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Have you ever thought about creating volunteer leadership positions in your organization? Do you have volunteer leadership positions but feel they could be doing more in support of your mission and programming? Join GAVA to participate in a discussion about creating volunteer leadership positions where volunteers lead volunteers, programs, projects, and organizations. Whether you've never worked with leadership volunteers or you've had robust leadership teams for a decade, you are invited to join the GAVA board to discuss the idea, opportunities, challenges, and benefits. Add your voice to our discussion!

Past events

07/09/2024 Positive Approach to Working with Difficult Behaviors
06/11/2024 Other Tasks as Required
05/14/2024 Retain, Don't Recruit!
04/04/2024 Advocating to Your Board
03/27/2024 How Do I Know When It’s Time to Leave? And How Do I Leave When I Know It’s Time?
03/12/2024 What Volunteer Engagement Professionals Aren’t Thinking About
02/22/2024 Equipping, Engaging and Educating Board Members for their Volunteer Service
01/17/2024 Leveraging Volunteers for Event Based Opportunities
12/14/2023 Your 2023 in Review & What's Next
12/07/2023 GAVA Presents: AmeriCorps Partnership Information Session
11/16/2023 Volunteer Recruitment: Back to Basics
10/26/2023 GAVA Annual Meeting: Volunteer Engagement Success in 2023
09/14/2023 Turning Volunteers into Donors
08/22/2023 Us -v- Them
07/11/2023 Helping Volunteers Find Their Niche
06/13/2023 Going A.P.E.S. - Creating a Priceless Learner-Centered Environment
05/09/2023 The 3 C’s of Happy Volunteers: Comfort, Convenience, Connection.
04/11/2023 Tools and Resources in Volunteer Management
03/23/2023 Using Your Sphere of Influence
02/23/2023 Diagnosis Imposter Syndrome: Believing in Yourself as a Leader of Volunteers
01/31/2023 GAVA 2023 Volunteer Engagement Professional Networking Event
12/13/2022 Introducing AL!VE's Standards for Organizational Volunteer Engagement
11/10/2022 Neurodiversity in Volunteerism
10/06/2022 Irresistible Organizations and Supportive Environments: Keeping Volunteers and Attracting Their Friends & GAVA Annual Meeting
09/20/2022 Virtual Technology Fair: Volunteer Management Software Tips & Tricks
08/11/2022 Using the Internet to support all volunteers - what does that look like & why it matters.
07/14/2022 Self-Care for the Volunteer Manager
06/23/2022 Engaging Your Board: How to Empower Your Leaders
06/09/2022 Safe to Speak Up: Exploring the Role of Coaching in Psychological Safety
05/02/2022 Becoming the CEO of Your Life
04/12/2022 The Perfect Fit...DEI and Volunteer Services
03/15/2022 Building Confidence and Leading with Confidence
02/22/2022 Engage Your Audience through Social Media
01/19/2022 Volunteer Motivations Across Age Groups
12/14/2021 Working with State Agencies and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters
11/09/2021 Engaging Volunteers in the Post-COVID World by Special Guest: Mrs. Plus Size America Elite, Tanya Holloway
10/26/2021 2021 GAVA Annual Meeting
09/30/2021 Am I Making the Right Decision? The Role of Ethics in Volunteer Engagement
08/19/2021 GAVA’s Ask a Colleague!
07/22/2021 GAVA Event: Being a CVA, What's That All About?
06/01/2021 Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
05/20/2021 GAVA Training: Volunteer Recruitment
05/19/2021 GAVA Training: Emotional Intelligence
02/16/2021 GAVA Q1 Event: Training Volunteers Online
10/21/2020 Board Involvement Information Session
06/29/2020 GAVA Roundtable - COVID Questions!
03/19/2019 GAVA Q1 Webinar: Writing Awesome Volunteer Job Descriptions
10/12/2018 GAVA Annual Conference
05/23/2018 GAVA Lunch & Learn Round-table - Strengths and Struggles of Your Volunteer Program
04/04/2018 Lunch & Learn - Volunteer Appreciation
02/28/2018 GAVA Lunch & Learn - Volunteer Recruitment
11/03/2017 GAVA/COVA Conference
07/18/2017 Lunch & Learn

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